Final Project: POP UP parsons paris card with LED


For the final project I want to make a pop up greeting card with light. For the topic of this greeting card i choose parsons and paris. For the past three month I been live and study at a different country for parsons paris. And it had gave me lots of great memories. I want to use these little memories and happiness in my life as elements for this greeting card. So when people see it, it is not only a card but also like a book with light and music that can telling the stories of my life .


To make my project  i will use the technologies I learn from our class include: Epaper And Origami for the light , Etextile And Soft Sensors for the music, Textilo for the light and music, switches & Simple Circuit for the turn on and off.

To use these technologies i will need the flowing materials:

Epaper and small lights led lights.

2 Different kinds of paper for card design and pop up part.

3 Battery

4 wires Coated paper Jammed paper Kraft Paper,

5 3d Printing

6 PCB circuit board

7 iron and heater

See instructable steps here: instructables



1 Design the shape of the card and draw it on a jammed paper,

Then cut them off.





Assembled together






3 Design images about the places i love in Paris and the memories i had about parsons paris. Then print it out.

Cut it off.




4 Sticked it on the card



5  Make sure the pop up works Like a window


How it looks on the second page


How it looks on the first page


Add lights up and the fourth page is gonna be a pop up of parsons paris.

In processing…..

6 printed out the Eiffel tower stamp and stick it on the fourth page.



7  Cut two slits , put the fourth page and cloud on the card.


8 Add lights on.

Cut the lights to the right size and using Epaper to make wire lines for + -.




9 Make sure all the lights work, and use epaper to make wires.IMG_7163


10 connect the wires to the battery. Also hide all the wires to the back of the card


11 Welding everything and make sure the connections are strong.


12 Test again, make sure all the lights work well.

Then we are done.




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