3D LED circuit. Dasha

For my 3D circuit, I decided to make an origami vase, so i used a tutorial and this is what I ended up with:





When I started thinking about how I’m going to create a circuit in the vase I realized that it would be very difficult to do what I wanted with just one vase. I could do it but it wouldn’t look good because the copper tape would be everywhere, so I decided to make another vase and put it on top of the first one, so that one vase would have the copper tape and the battery, and another would just have the LED.


So the bottom piece had the battery in it and I had solder all of the copper tape:


This is what the top part looks like from the inside:


Here is a picture of the bottom part, where you can see the space in which the battery went:


How it works:

All you have to do is push two sides of the bottom part of the vase together to make the top part light up!


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