diamond button




ruler, sketchbook, scissors, foam, any type of fabric, conductive fabric, and resistive fabric, sewing needle, thread

Step 1. Choose a shape, sketch, scale and cut out materials accordingly. Do not cut one large shape and sew together. It is crucial to create two parts which we will later sew together to create the one shape.


Step 2.  Layer your materials in order of regular fabric, conductive fabric, restive fabric and lastly foam. Sew layers together and repeat.


Step 3. Sew the two halves of your shape together.


Step 4. Admire your button.


Triangle Soft Sensor


  • conductive fabric
  • resistive fabric
  • normal fabric (neoprene)
  • conductive thread
  • regular thread
  • foam


  • Create two separate shapes of your choice (I decided to make a triangle), because we’ll work on two layers of conductive fabric and they shouldn’t touch each other.
  • Follow this order: regular fabric, conductive fabric, restive fabric and foam. Sew them with conductive thread twice.
  • IMG_5274
  • Sew the two layers together with regular thread.


  • Your sensor is ready to be used!


Touch Sensor

So this past week, we worked on touch sensors made out of textiles. It was interesting to learn that you can create electronics from seemingly simple fabric, but the possibilities are endless with conductive fabric.

So for this project, I layered my fabric and sponges and sewed it all together (except for the main resistive piece in the middle because I was unsure where exactly to sew it, so I left it so I could move in the right position).

The first layer is nonconductive outside of two pieces of lycra, two pieces of foam, and then two pieces of (4 altogether) conductive silver fabric on top of the sponge, with the resistive piece of fabric right in the middle of it all, touching both sides of the conductive fabric.

Here’s what it looked like (I know my sewing skills could use some work, but it is all attached as I wanted):



So, that’s the touch sensor before I sewed it-I wanted to make sure it worked, so I did not sew it right away. So, when I checked it, it worked! So then I sewed all the pieces together.

12120028_10207797092147770_5808177875846047479_o              12068712_10207797092347775_1184436129594527801_o


Heart sensor

This week we are going to make a sensor. Since i like lovely little things i decide to make a heart shape sensor.

1.Clean up the materials and cut them into right size square : conductive fabric,resistive fabric,normal fabric (neoprene),conductive thread,regular thread,foam.




2. Cut a heart shape


3 Put the materials in order of regular fabric, conductive fabric, restive fabric and lastly foam. Sew the materials all together .




4 Cut off the bigger part of the conductive fabric, restive fabric and lastly foam. Make sure the normal fabric covered all of them.

IMG_7337    IMG_7334

5 Repeat on the other side.


6 Sew the two halves of the shape together.





7 Test the sensor and it works!!!