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For this project, I created a Breathalyzer which draws colorful shapes as you exhale on it. The drawings vary depending on whether you had alcohol or smoked before.
I used an MQ2 gaz sensor, a pushbutton, an arduino and processing.
After saving a few of everyone’s breath drawings, I reassembled them in one file, which I printed on fabric to use as handkerchiefs.


Alcohol Value Reached


Decreasing Value From Alcohol to Normal


Smoke Value Reached


Breath Without Alcohol or Smoke.



I lasercut a box to put the sensor, adding a button that when pressed saves the screenshot.
Another hole on the side is used to pass the arduino serial cable.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 09.50.22

The connexions to the MQ2 are as follow. My sensor had a four connexions: VCC (5V), GND, SIG (A0 pin) and NC. NC doesn’t need to be connected. The resistor used for the button is 10k Ohms.

MQ2 Sketch

20151203_093115                  20151203_093100


After saving the images and recomposing them, the final result is printed on fabric (I used polyester).



20151203_093317 20151203_093434_001 20151203_093300 20151203_093330 20151203_093349 20151203_093404 20151203_093418


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