Switch and speakers

For the first attempt, I sew the fabrics and sponges together inside a pocket I made.

So it didn’t work at all the first try, I later figured out it was because I sew all the parts together with unconductive thread. Also to mention about the design of the pocket, is for easier correction. I know I won’t get it right the first time, with the past few experiments taking much more time than I intended. So afterwards, I sew each conductive fabric onto one sponge, placed the resistive fabric in between and placed it back into the pocket. This time it worked much better.

Moving on to the speaker, first I built the circuit.


I planed to connect the circuit onto a t-shirt for the speakers, and so I tested it out. But unfortunately, there is a short circuit problem. The 555 heats up when I connect the battery to the circuit, but the speakers didn’t work. I have tried to redo the circuit but didn’t make any difference. The circuit itself is done as shown on the graph, so it is in the right order.


For now, I can only work in class to figure out the problem and redo it again later.

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