/// I hate you /// Noisy Totebag _ Carlotta






The ” I hate you – noisy totebag”  is made with a Textilo: circuit fabric board ideal for sewing on garment.


A pressure sensor is attached on the side with the resistance with conductive thread:

20151014_132047 20151014_132053

The side with the capacitors is connected to a little speaker with conductive thread. Adding extra bits of copper fabric allows to solder the speaker. To maintain it in place and avoid it from falling, I also added some velcro.

20151014_184730 20151014_184828

The battery is hidden in a little pocket. The wires are soldered to the extra copper fabric, connected with conductive thread to the + and – of the Textilo board.

The ” I hate you – Noisy Totebag” is activated with a button.

20151014_132128  20151014_150453 20151014_151806 20151014_151946 20151014_151952

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