Silent mode


This week for the keyboard hacking, i decide to make a silent mode button. So whenever we are watching video and music we can easily stop it by push a button.

  1. I opened a keyboard and took the circuit board that I would use to create a switch button that would pause silent and play music.



2 Took the part that i needed.


3 Test the key on the computer to find out which one is the silent key.


4 I find out  not only the silent key but also the” paste key deleted key….”


5 Figured out what combination made a the “silent” button and soldered the cables to it.


6 Because my keyboard is smaller than others so it took me more time to solder the line on it.


7 But finally i made it.


8 Plug in the keyboard on a computer and then connect the two side together and the silent button worked.

9 Test it on my computer and it all worked!





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